Do Eugene Bats Make For Good Family Pets?

People may think of rearing Eugene bats due to their small size and cute faces. Keeping Oregon animals as pets is a good deed most of the time but that's not the case for bats. When a bat is taken into captivity, it is deprived of many things that affect its quality of life. Keeping a pet bat will;

  • cause it to be lonely
  • expose it to damaging nutrition and terror among other effects

  • Eugene bats can't be domesticated because of the following.

    They are likely to die early

    Without captivity, a bat's life expectancy is 25 years. When kept under captivity bats live for 5 years or less. This is mainly attributable to the fact that they are not allowed to explore their natural instincts. Same as any animal, bats need to experience nature and the joys of freedom to have a good quality of life.

    Bats are gross

    Did you know that Oregon bats wash themselves with urine to keep themselves fragrant? Aside from the stink, they will leave you with piles of urine, guano and spats to clear so often. Since fruit bats are the most preferred to be domesticated, the fruit remains you feed them are also likely to attract roaches and ants.

    It is expensive

    The cost of building materials and space will cost you a lot. Bats are social creatures and require the company of other bats. This means you will have to feed an entire colony of at least 10 bats each day.

    It is unethical

    Oregon bats are not programmed to socialize with humans. To make them be close to you, you will need to do some unethical things like striping a pup from its mother and hand-rear it. By hand-rearing a bat you are isolating it yet you can't fill the social need that a bat colony does.

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